Finally The End of False Alerts

Identify Human like a Human

Leveraging the latest deep learning algorithm and massive database, SimCam can distinguish a human body from various objects and backgrounds. Any changes of natural things won't fool SimCam' eyes - almost zero irrelevant detection.

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Activity Zones

Just select an area of interest on the camera's view, then only get specific alerts of what happens in that area.


Focus on The One You Care

Wait, SimCam Recognizes You!

By importing photos of faces and name tags, SimCam can recognize your family members or trusted ones, and ignore detection caused by familiar faces. You can also tell it to notifly you specifically of someone you care.

99.4% Facial Recognition Accuracy

Custom Notification

Get special notifications when SimCam sees someone or doesn't see someone at a specific time range.

History Wrap-up At A Glance

Miss alerts? You don't have to watch hours of footages to review what has happened in your home. SimCam organizes all the event clips and full-time videos separately. Just search the events that matter by thumbnails, names, dates or time, in a minute.

Stay Sharp, At All Times

Capture at First Sight

Utilizing computer vision, once SimCam sees a person in the first frame, the camera will start recording in full HD and send you an push alert with a snapshot. Then, you can click to a 15-second clip or access the live video stream. There is no way that you could miss a single important event, day or night, in all weathers.


When SimCam detects a person, the camera will automatically pan to follow him on the move and zoom in to get a closer view.

Know "Who is Moving Your Cheeze"

Object Tracking

In addition to living things, SimCam can also recognize and track any objects you selected in the camera's view, like your car or safe box. You will be alerted if the object is being touched or moved by someone else.

On-device AI.Intelligence Stays on the Machine

Local Video Analytics - No Cloud Fees

As one of the few on-device AI cameras, SimCam can capture and analyze images simultaneously. Local video analytics empowers quicker alerts and higher recognition accuracy. As opposed to other cloud-based AI cameras, SimCam comes with all the intelligent features without charging additional expensive cloud service.

Local Video Storage - 100% Privacy Protection

7x24 recording videos are stored in the SD card. Network disconnectivity won't stop the video recording and video processing. Your privacy is completely safe in the camera, not the cloud.

Intel Movidius VPU Inside

The Intel Movidius VPU 10X the video processing speed with powerful deep neural network and 12 cores, enabling true real-time video analyzing and multi-tasking.

Your Family Personal Photographer

Capture Fleeting Moments

When used indoor, SimCam spontaneously takes short clips of important family moments and send to your phone, like your baby's smile or your family get-together. Besides, you don't need to carry a camera to do so.


With AI capabilities, SimCam could be the Clips, a pet camera, a baby monitor and even control all your smart home devices... There are countless new applications that await your exploration. We call this the magic.Learn More >>


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