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We didn’t start from scratch

Started in 2017, SimCam Lab is a subsidiary of SimToo, an established consumer drone company known for developing portable and foldable self-flying drones based in Shenzhen, China. Behind SimCam’s leading-edge software is an AI and computer vision company named SimShine in Wuhan, also wholly owned by SimToo.

SimShine has a joint lab with three AI and robotics professors from China’s first-tier universities of science and technology in Wuhan. The CTO of SimShine, Mr. Cheng Hui is a control science and engineering Ph.D. who has managed national level industrial IOT projects. The four scientists wrote fundamental AI algorithms for image recognition in embedded platforms from the ground up, optimizing recognition accuracy and computing speed to the greatest extent.

Today, SimCam Lab has over 30 software engineers updating the algorithm and the companion APP on a daily basis. Meanwhile, SimCam has its hardware designed and manufactured in Shenzhen, drawing on SimToo’s 10+ years of hardware experiences and supplying resources. The two sides work intensively and seamlessly to deliver the next-gen AI security camera.

Embed Visual Awareness into Devices

Modern security devices seem to generate more problems than solutions: overwhelming false alarms, unbelievable response time lag, poor Wi-Fi connectivity… SimToo’s CEO Mr. Aaron Zhang, who is a smart home addict, has envisioned the idea of AI-powered security cameras for years.

Before SimCam, there were a few cloud-based AI cameras. However, those smart cameras usually lock their AI features and video history under a cloud subscription plan. Other cloud-related issues like privacy compromise, massive bandwidth consumption, and latency are also pushing people away.

Engineers at SimCam Lab care more about customers’ privacy, rather than the profit from cloud fees. They

embedded ready-to-use AI features in the camera and made them accessible at no extra cost. The on-device AI powered by Intel Movidius VPU enables real-time image processing and on-the-spot responding without sending personal data back and forth to the cloud.

By moving AI from cloud to the edge, people could truly harness the power of AI with full peace of mind.

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