SimCam didn't start up from scratch

SimCam's parent company, SimToo, is a leading-edge tech company who focus on developing self-flying camera drones since 2015, in Shenzhen, China.

In 2016, SimToo established the SimCam Lab, together with 3 professors of computer science from China first-tier universities of technology. SimCam Lab is committed to developing facial recognition, deep learning and object recognition and tracking based on embedded platforms.

In the beginning, part of the SimCam's technology was adopted to power the drones' autopilot features.
SimToo's latest selfie drones are able to fly and track a subject automatically based on computer vision.

SimToo achieved great success in an intesively competitive market of drones. More than 10,000 drones are sold worldwide. And they received external investment of over 15 million dollars. Today, SimToo is a team of over

100 people, 70% of which are R&D and 30% graduated with a master degree or higher.

Mans' need for security is never fully met

SimCam Lab was not built only for drone photography.

Years ago, SimToo had foreseen the big potentials of integrating AI technology into the video surveillance area. Though security cameras has been around for decades, the technology evolution is quite slow. Most of the cameras on the market are only capable of recording low-quality video. They cannot analyse the image and give what the users want. Some cameras are able to detect motion by infared but often cause false alerts...

The AI technology that SimCam has is able to kill the paints of the existing video surveillance methods, and allows lots of new possibilities that used to exist only in science fiction. The latest Revo camera cannot only recognize people, but also recognize and track objects. All the image processing runs in the device. It is not only a camera but technically a 365x24 AI guardian of your house.

Drawing on SimToo's experiences and resources in hardware and its software advantages, SimCam has everything they need to bring home security to the next era of AI.

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