Smarter Home Triggered by AI Vision

Imagine in the future, when you arrive at home, your home automation system gets rolling automatically without APP operation or voice command. This becomes a reality in 2019 because of SimCam.

IFTTT Integration

IFTTT is a free service which can connect all devices and

services together. With IFTTT, SimCam can trigger other

devices when it detects a person or recognize a familiar face.

Turn on the lights, turn up the heat, or play a song …

whatever you want.

AI Triggers

Person Detection


Facial Recognition


Object Tracking

What you can do with IFTTT


When a familiar face shows

up, then play a stream on



When a person enters a

specific area, send me an

email at xxxx.


If you say “Alexa trigger turn

on privacy mode”, then turn

on SimCam privacy mode.


Hue lights begin to flicker

when SimCam detects a


More Applets on IFTTT

Why use SimCam as a trigger?


AI Detection vs

Motion Detection

Security camera owners usually use motion detection as a trigger. However, old-school security camera triggers too many false motion detection, which might cause a frustrated day and a big electricity bill. SimCam makes home automation 10X more accurate.

Vision-control vs


Voice-controlled smart speaker still requires the user to make decisions. Now, you don’t even need to ask. SimCam knows it’s you and do what you want right away. Home automation becomes more intuitive and fully automatic.

Learn more about SimCam

Speak to SimCam via Alexa

Alexa, open AI camera!

Alexa, how many visitors today?

Alexa, close AI camera privacy mode

Alexa, open AI camera privacy mode

More skills are coming...

Open Platform

Didn’t see a skill you’re looking for? If you are a developer, you can link SimCam to your desired devices and services on your own using our open API.