SimCam AI Camera Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SimCam and SimCam Alloy?

SimCam is IP54 rated weatherproof while the SimCam Alloy is IP66 rated.

Does SimCam runs on battery or connect to power?

SimCam plugs into AC power to supports 24/7 AI video analysis and continuous recording. In this way, you won’t miss any event.

Can SimCam be powered over ethernet?

No, it only works on AC power.

How does SimCam connect to the Internet?

It works on Wi-Fi.

Can SimCam be mounted on the wall?

Yes, both versions come with a wall mount. You can place it anywhere you like.

Can I install the camera upside down?

Yes, you can flip over the image by 180° on the APP. The camera functions normally while upside down.

How does face recognition work?

SimCam matches detected faces with preloaded photos to determine if it is a familiar face.

How many faces can SimCam recognize?

SimCam can be preloaded with up to 200 faces. It can recognize 3 faces in one frame at the same time.

How quickly can SimCam detect persons and recognize faces ?

It technically takes 0.07 second to detect a person and 0.16 second to recognize a face. The AI detection starts immediately without lag time. However, the actual processing time can be affected by environmental factors.

How quickly will SimCam send a push notification when it detects an event?

Technically, it takes 1-2 second. However, it may vary depending on your network condition.

How quickly will SimCam start recording the clip when it detects an event?

It starts immediately without lag time.

Does SimCam recognize any object or should I manually select one in the camera?

You need to manually select an object in the camera’s view.

Can SimCam automatically pan the camera to track a moving person?

Yes, SimCam can do that if added with a gimbal stand.

What is the recording length for an event?

SimCam records a 5-second clip before the event and a 10-second clip after the event. Several events that happen within one minute will be merged into one footage.

Does SimCam support Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit?

SimCam works with Alexa, Google Home. Apple Homekit is in plan for future development.

What can you do with Amazon Alexa and Google Home?

You can use the above smart speakers to change the camera settings and get voice feedback on the video analysis insights, e.g. “Notify me when my kid is home” or “ How many people visited my house today?”

How is my video stored?

Your video is primarily stored inside the micro SD card.

What will happen when the SD card is full?

It will keep overriding the older footages.

How many days of video can be stored?

It depends on the capacity of your SD card. Typically, a 32GB SD card can store videos of one week.

Can I backup the footages to my NAS?

Yes, SimCam supports NAS storage.

How far can I place the camera from the router?

The maximum is 20 meters without obstacles.

What if I have to place the camera far away from a power outlet?

You can buy the extension cable to extend the range.

Can I tilt the camera up and down?

Yes, you can tilt the camera manually to the best viewing angle.

Do I need to subscribe to a plan to record video?

No, SimCam records video locally.

Do I need a service plan to use the AI features?

No, SimCam doesn’t charge any additional fees as all the AI features are inbuilt on the device. The future upgrade is lifetime free.

Does SimCam need training?

SimCam has pre-configured algorithms for person detection and face recognition that are readily available right out of the box. However, you can train new models in the developer program if you want SimCam to recognize other objects or actions you desire.

Can I customize notifications based on face recognition?

You can turn on or off the notifications on individual faces.

What is the effective detection distance?

SimCam can recognize a face up to 5 meters and detect a person up to 10 meters.

Can SimCam recognize faces in a low night situation?

Yes, but the effective distance might be shorter.

Does it integrate with other services or devices?

SimCam has an open API which allows it to integrate with other devices or services.

Is it possible to switch on and off the IR light?

Yes, you can turn it on or off via the APP.

Can I turn the camera off while I’m home?

Yes, you can turn on or off each camera on the APP.

Can multiple APPs access one camera?

One account can generate sub-accounts that allow other users to view the camera’s live footage and receive notifications.

How many cameras can I use under one account simultaneously?

There is no limit as long as the bandwidth of your network permits.

How loud is the built-in siren?

It’s around 95-100dB.

Can the data be synchronized among multiple cameras such as familiar faces?

Yes, different cameras within one account can share the data.

Will a weak Wi-Fi signal affect the person detection or face recognition?

No, the videos are interpreted locally on the Intel Movidius VPU.

Can Someone hack into my camera?

All the videos are stored and processed locally on the device. Only you can access the camera through the companion APP.
The live videos are streamed directly into your phone based on a secured P2P (peer-to-peer) network instead of going through cloud.
Your account information is encrypted with bank-level AES-256.

Which regions will Simcam be sold to? Where do you ship?

SimCam is sold worldwide. Shipping is available for all countries.

Will SimCam come with the region’s corresponding power plug?

Yes, there are four types of plugs that we can offer:
Type A for USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan.
Type B for Europe, South America & Asia.
Type G for United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta & Singapore
Type I for Australia & New Zealand.