SimCam 1S

Never miss an event

SimCam 1S uses in-camera AI to reduce false alerts and prevent motion detection miss-out. A 10X powerful AI chip adds loads of smart features without charging subscription fees and compromising your privacy.

  • simcam1s-icon1.pngPerson Detection
  • simcam1s-icon2.pngFacial Recognition
  • simcam1s-icon3.pngCar Detection
  • simcam1s-icon4.pngPet Detection
  • simcam1s-icon5.pngAI Home Automation
  • simcam1s-icon6.pngLocal AI Processing
  • simcam1s-icon7.png1080P Recording
  • simcam1s-icon8.png360° Pan

Smart home now has a vision assistant

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AI motion detection - only hits, no misses

SimCam 1S can detect motion up to 60 feet, even through a window. The AI can tell what or who causes the motion and only sends push alerts of what’s important to you.
Person Detection Alert

Be alerted immediately when a real human intruder breaks into your home. No false alerts will be triggered on motion of natural things like bugs or tree branches.


Facial Recognition Alert

Be alerted when your loved ones arrive home safe. SimCam 1S can recognize a familiar face by matching it with a preloaded database of family and friends.


Car Detection Alert

Be alerted when a car enters your driveway or a car is leaving the garage. Prevent car theft and car trespassing on your property.


Pet Detection Alert

Be alerted when your cat or dog passes in front of the camera. Always know what your furry friend is doing. Catch them being cute or causing mischief.


Object Missing Alert

Be alerted when someone is stealing your valuables. SimCam 1S can track the movement of a object you have selected in the camera’s view.

Never miss a moment with dual-recording

AI event recording
Continuous recording
The AI motion detection immediately triggers an event recording up to 60 seconds. Quickly find the event footage you care by filtering the event types on the APP.
In addition to motion recording, SimCam 1S continuously records video 24/7. A playback timeline on the APP allows you to see what happened before or after the events.

Local AI - home security becomes proactive

SimCam 1S has been trained countless times to recognize persons and things in various views, distances and lighting conditions. The local AI keeps detecting and recording motion even if there is no WiFi. The latest 10nm AI processor 10X the video processing speed. Never miss out an intruder. See the intruder’s face, rather than his back, without latency.

Image analysis at

100 frames / second

Detect human in

30 millisecond

Facial recognition

99.48% accuracy

360 person tracking

SimCam 1s can automatically pan to track a person on the move so that a thief cannot get out of FOV. You can also pan the camera on the APP to monitor multiple positions.

AI vision + home automation

With open API, SimCam 1S can control many home devices using person detection or face recognition. You don’t even need to pull out your phone or speak to a smart speaker. Unlock the door, turn on the lights, play your favorite song ... when you just arrive.

1080P starlight night vision

The 1080P starlight night vision allows you to see a person’s face up to 50 feet in total darkness. The latest ISP sensor maximizes image details in low-light situations and high-contrast scenes, and dramatically reduces motion blur.

The only camera without an audience

Unlike cloud-based cameras, SimCam 1S never collects user data or shares it with other parties. Everything is processed and stored locally on the device with a bank-level encryption. The Lan Mode makes your camera further hacker-proof by locking the video access in your local area network.
  • AES-128/256 Encryption
  • Lan Mode
  • Secured P2P Live Stream
  • Free Local Storage

    Access your entire video history on a Micro SD card up to 128GB without paying cloud fees.

  • Nas Storage Backup

    Back up video automatically on NAS for longer video history and more peace of mind.

  • AI Activity Zone

    Only receive alerts on activities of persons, pets or cars in a specific area of interest.

  • Two-way Audio

    Hear and speak to your family with noise and echo suppression.

  • 2.4G & 5G WiFi

    Dual-band WiFi compatibility means a smoother live stream with less interference.

  • Geo-fencing

    Automatically disable alerts and recording when you arrive home.

  • Share Access

    Your entire family can access the same camera easily with sub-accounts.

  • 100dB Siren

    Sound the built-in 100dB siren from the APP to ward off burglars like hell.

What the press says?

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    You'll get many of these same features with the Nest Cam IQ indoor camera, but it's nearly twice the price and many of its features require a Nest Aware subscription.simcam1s-symbol2.png

    By John R. Delaney

  • images/simcam1s-digital.png


    A hack-proof mode that utilizes strong encryption methods to make it far more difficult to hack than a standard security camera.simcam1s-symbol2.png

    By Patrick Hearn

  • images/simcam1s-techhive.png


    SimCam 1S is a relative rarity—a home security camera chockablock with advanced AI features, no cloud subscription requirement for them to work, and a modest price tag.simcam1s-symbol2.png

    By Michael Ansaldo

  • No Missing Events
  • No False Alert
  • No Subscription Fee
  • No Privacy Breache

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