SimCam 1S

AI Home Camera

More AI powers, still no subscription
  • simcam-1s-alerts.pngNo False Alerts
  • simcam-1s-event.pngNo Missing Events
  • simcam-1s-prvacy.pngNo Privacy Breaches
  • simcam-1s-sub.pngNo Subscription Fee
  • simcam-1s-facial.pngEnhanced Facial Recognition
  • simcam-1s-person.pngEnhanced Person Detection
  • simcam-1s-car.pngCar Detection
  • simcam-1s-pet.pngPet Detection
  • simcam-1s-aihome.pngAI Home Automation
  • simcam-1s-local.pngLocal AI Processing
  • simcam-1s-1080p.png1080P Recording
  • simcam-1s-360.png360° Pan
  • simcam-1s-alexa.png
  • simcam-1s-google.png
  • simcam-1s-ifttt.png
  • simcam-1s-synology.png

Enhanced person detection

Person detected - Front door - 2020-01-07 09:00 am
Nighttime person detection

SimCam 1S is the first home camera that uses the nighttime pedestrian detection technology from the autonomous driving industry. It doesn’t only prevent false alerts, but also minimizes the probability of missing person detection in the dark.

360° person tracking

Automatically pan to track a person on the move and capture continuous footage throughout their entire path.

Enhanced Facial Recognition

You can receive alerts from the APP whenever SimCam 1S sees a familiar face registered in its database. It only takes one front-view photo to set up “Face ID”. The enhanced algorithm maps out facial features in various angles, letting it recognize everyone in the database all the time. SimCam 1S provides the most reliable facial recognition ever in a home camera.

·No continuous training·99.48% Accuracy

Facial Recognition - Catherine - Front Door 2020-01-07 13:03

SimCam 1S’ facial recognize accuracy rate is acknow-ledged by the LFW worldwide contest.

Keep an extra eye on your whole family

Facial Recognition - Sophia - Living Room 2020-01-07 15:56
Facial Recognition - Emma - Living Room 2020-01-07 10:11
Facial Recognition - Lucas - TV Room 2020-01-07 17:20
Facial Recognition - Lucas - Kitchen 2020-01-07 15:45
  • simcam-1s-baby.jpgBabies
  • simcam-1s-elderly.jpgElderly
  • simcam-1s-children.jpgChildren
  • simcam-1s-helpers.jpgHelpers

SimCam 1S also recognizes your baby’s face and works as a baby monitor. You can know at any time if the little one is sleeping or fussing in the crib. Be alerted when she is about to touch harmful things or get close to dangerous areas. Help keep your baby safe when have to be separated from her.

Enjoy peace of mind without having to check your phone every few minutes. SimCam 1S can keep a closer eye on your elderly loved ones when you can’t be there. Stop them before they wander out of the house and into danger. Know what they have for meals and when they have it. Respond more quickly if they fall or need immediate medical attention.

Receive custom notifications whenever your kids pass in front of the camera. Make sure they go off to school on time and get home safely. See instantly if they are doing their homework or playing on electronics. Keep track of who else your children bring to the house. Feel less stressed when you have to leave your kids at home alone.

Did the housekeeper come to clean your house today? Did the caregiver mistreat or neglect your elderly parents or your baby? Did the repairman steal something from my house? SimCam 1S can help you supervise those outsiders and decide if he or she is the right one to work with. And if something does ever happen, you’ll have the clear video evidence you need.

The AI sees even more...

Pet Detection

SimCam 1S can let you know when your dog or cat passes by. Always know what your furry friend is doing. Catch them being cute or causing mischief.

Car Detection

Be alerted whenever a car spends more than 15 seconds in your driveway, or any time a car leaves your garage.

The only home camera without an audience

Unlike cloud-based cameras, SimCam 1S never collects user data for AI training or shares it with other parties. Everything is processed locally on the device with bank-level encryption. Feel secure in the knowledge that no one but you can monitor your family or access your data.
  • simcam-1s-sai.pngLocal AI Processing
  • simcam-1s-sces.pngAES-128/256 Encryption
  • simcam-1s-sp2p.pngSecured P2P Live Stream

Introducing the hacker-proof mode

In the hacker-proof mode, you can only view the video when your phone and SimCam 1S connect to the same network. The hacker-proof mode is protected by your phone screen lock. Even if your account were hacked, the hacker got nothing but a black screen.

Sharper vision

The latest ISP technology maximizes image details in low-light situations and high-contrast scenes, and dramatically reduces motion blur. With the starlight night vision, the AI can see people clearly that your eyes can’t, even in total darkness.
  • simcam-1s-hd.png1080P Recording
  • simcam-1s-night.pngStarlight Night Vision
  • simcam-1s-motion.pngMotion Blur-Free

Never miss an event, catch it from the beginning

SimCam 1S has 10 times more computing power than the previous SimCam. That’s enough power to identify a human in just 30 milliseconds. Because it doesn’t go through the cloud, there is no delay in triggering alerts and recording events. See exactly who caused the event, even if the person is moving quickly.
simcam-1s-img1.jpg simcam-1s-img2.jpg
  • simcam-1s-100.png100 frames / second analysis
  • simcam-1s-10ai.png10nm AI processor
  • simcam-1s-sai.pngLocal AI processing

Master of AIOT!

Imagine controlling your home without touching anything, just like a Jedi Master. SimCam 1S can interact with many devices and automate tasks using AI vision such as face ID. You don’t even need to pull out your phone or speak into the air. SimCam 1S knows what you want and can make decisions for you.
  • IFTTT - automatically open Nuki door when SimCam detects a face ID
  • “Hey, Alexa, show me the front camera”
  • “Hey, Google, close the garage camera.”

Unlimited rolling local storage

SD card

Enjoy continuous rolling storage on a Micro SD card up to 128GB. Access your entire video history without paying monthly fees.


Back up video automatically on NAS for additional storage space and easier access.

Manage home events at a glance

Quickly find any event recording of individual people, faces, pets, or cars without having to search through hours of motion recording. Play, download, and share the footage directly through the APP.

simcam-1s-app-store.png simcam-1s-google-play.png
  • simcam-1s-zone.png
    AI Activity Zone

    Only receive alerts on activities of persons, pets or cars in a specific area of interest.

  • simcam-1s-geo.png

    Automatically disable alerts and recording when you arrive home.

  • simcam-1s-audio.png
    Two-way Audio

    Hear and speak to your family with noise and echo suppression.

  • simcam-1s-share.png
    Share Access

    Your entire family can access the same camera easily with sub-accounts.

  • simcam-1s-live.png
    Lag-free Live Stream

    The low-bitrate ISP encoding ensures a smoother live stream.

  • simcam-1s-recording.png
    24/7 Recording

    Continuously records video to capture all activities throughout the day.

Enjoy all of this, with no monthly subscription

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