Today’s security cameras are obsolete

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    Endless False Alarms

    90% of motion detection and alarms are falsely triggered by natural things. And you can do nothing about it.

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    Motion Detection Miss-out

    The hit-or-miss motion detection has serious lag issues and even completely miss out important events.

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    Open to Hackers

    Most cameras put users’ passwords and footage on the cloud, which can be easily breached by hackers.

Person Detection

SimCam Alloy can instantly identify whether a moving object is a person or not in an activity zone within 33 feet.

Capture burglar before he breaks in

The second a stranger invades your entryway, you immediately receive an alert from SimCam Alloy, then watch HD live stream, speak to the intruder or ward off him like hell with a built-in 100-decibel siren.


Be alerted when
your kids arrive home

Lucas and Sarah came back home from school, SimCam Alloy saw their faces on the front porch and sent you a specific notification. Your worry was gone.


Facial RecognitionSimCam can recognize familiar faces you’ve preloaded in the camera.


Hey, put the package down!

Your holiday gift arrived at your doorstep while you were not at home. After a while, an alert came to your phone, “OMG! Someone is stealing my package right now!” Fortunately, you had set SimCam Alloy to keep an eye on it.


Object TrackingSimCam Alloy can let you know when there is a significant movement of the object you’ve selected in the camera’s view.

Always Armed, without False Alarms

SimCam keeps analyzing every single frame and pixel of the live footage 24/7 using on-device AI vision. Then, it only reports to you with the person or things you care.


Lightning-fast Response

SimCam’s human recognition takes place within a fraction of a second. The on-device AI processing has nothing to do with the Internet condition. Be alerted as an event happens without delay.

Record in
0.6 sec
Alert in
1 sec

Find the event faster

SimCam automatically records a clip when detecting a human movement. Filter with device names, recognition types and dates, then quickly locate the suspect footage with thumbnails.

You hate subscription, so do we

Thanks to the on-device AI processing and free local storage, SimCam Alloy opens its full AI features and full-time video history without charging subscription fees.

local_sd_icon.pngMicro SD Card
local_nas_icon.pngNAS Storage

Detail-rich Vision

Identify people more easily in 1080P recording. Watch more area of your property with 140° FOV.


Starlight Night Vision

See clearly up to 50 feet in pitch black with starlight-level night vision.


IP66 Weatherproof

A aluminium body makes SimCam Alloy vandal-resistant and perfect for outdoor use.


Two-way Audio

Hear and speak through built-in mic and speaker with noise and echo cancellation.


24/7 Recording

Besides AI recording, SimCam records videos all the time to capture all activities throughout the day.


5 Second Look-back

See what happened before the event was triggered with the 5-second pre-recording.

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