SimCam Alloy automatically monitors your property 24/7 with all the latest on-device artificial intelligence surveillance features, completely free of subscription plan.

Stay Alert Without False Alerts

  • Get specific notifications when your family member arrives home with industry-level face recognition technology.
  • SimCam distinguishes persons from things pretty much like human’s vision. You only get alerts when a real human enters a specific surveillance zone, not fallen leaves or bugs.
  • SimCam even recognizes objects you select in the camera’s view and notify you when they are being moved. Keep an eye on your car or parcel when you are not available.

Introducing a Lag-free Experience

Lightning-fast Detection

The on-device AI detection starts instantaneously once a person shows in the first frame of the video. The Intel Movidius VPU accelerates the image interpretation 10X faster than cloud computing. No additional time needed for motion-activation or cloud syncing.

Every Event Counts

Despite 24/7 continuous recording, SimCam immediately starts recording a 15-second clip and send you a push notification within a second as an event happens.

alloy-alert Alert & Record in 1 Second

History Wrap-up,
at a glance

All event clips are categorized by camera names, detection types, time and dates. You don’t need to scroll hours of footage to locate crime evidence or when your loved ones arrive home.

Superior Imaging

Watch more details from 5-megapixel snapshot and 1080P recording.

Two-way Audio

High-quality microphone and speaker with noise and echo cancellation.

Built-in Siren

A remote-activated loud siren can ward off burglars like hell.

Flexible Connectivity

SimCam Alloy supports dual-band WiFi and POE.

Starlight Night Vision

See clearly up to 50 feet in pitch black with special starlight night vision sensors.

IP66 Weatherproof

Rain or shine, heat or cold, SimCam Alloy works properly in various harsh environments. The durable aluminum shell is also vandal-resistant.

You hate subscription fees, so do we

SimCam processed videos locally inside the camera without reliance on the cloud. All captured images can be securely saved in a memory card or a local drive like NAS. Save hundreds of dollars on the long run.

alloy-sdMicro SD Card
alloy-nasNAS Storage

Privacy Disclaimer

Due to on-device AI architecture, there is no way that SimCam could upload your personal files to the cloud or any third parties. Your privacy is much safer in your own hands.

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