SimCam Alloy 1S

Respond faster to real crime

The only outdoor security camera uses on-device AI for 24/7 proactive detection, alerting you to real threats immediately. Not just evidence for after the incident it allows you to respond before a crime escalates, without paying for monthly service.

What’s wrong with old security cameras?

Finally, an end to false alerts

The SimCam Alloy 1S can distinguish between the movement of a person, a car or a pet and only alert you to what you want to see. Natural motion or brightness change does not trigger alerts, saving your attention for real threats.

  • simcam-alloy-icon1.pngPet Detection
  • simcam-alloy-icon2.pngPerson Detection
  • simcam-alloy-icon3.pngVehicle Detection

Catch the burglar before break-in

The SimCam Alloy 1S can detect a person from up to 60 feet away. It will send you immediate alerts when a real burglar enters your yard. Then, you can respond via the APP to stop the burglar from breaking into your house.

  • simcam-alloy-icon4.png

    Emergency Call

    Instantly call the number of local police on the APP.

  • simcam-alloy-icon5.png

    100dB Siren

    Remotely sound the built-in siren to make the intruder run like hell.

  • simcam-alloy-icon6.png

    Two-way Audio

    Tell the intruder to leave with noise-cancelling voice.

Beware of suspicious cars

The SimCam Alloy 1S can alert you if an unknown car stops outside your house for longer than 15 seconds. It can also alert you when a parked car moves. Normal traffic does not create false positives.

  • simcam-alloy-img5.jpg

    Facial Recognition

    Notifications for when your family or friends arrive at the front door. The SimCam Alloy 1S recognizes familiar faces matching it with registered Face IDs.

  • simcam-alloy-img6.jpg

    Pet Detection

    Notifications for the presence of a cat or a dog. Know instantly when stray animals or your neighbour’s pets trespass your yard.

  • simcam-alloy-img7.jpg

    AI Activity Zone

    Only receives alerts in an area where a person, a car or an animal is most likely to show up.

Lightning-fast Detection

Tired of delayed alerts? SimCam’s on-device AI analyzes every object in every frame of the video, identifying a person within a fraction of a second. It immediately triggers alerts and recording without going through the cloud.

Giving you a better chance of stopping an intruder before break-in.

  • 0.3 Sec

    Human Detect

  • 100 F/S

    Image Analysis

24/7 Video, at a glance

SimCam Alloy 1S records both events and 24/7 video. A daily report and event tags allows you to quickly filter out the event clips you want to see. Just tap and drag the timeline to scan the continuous recording. Never miss a critical moment. Gone are the days when you had to sift through hours of video.

Daily Report
Continuous recording & Event recording
  • simcam-alloy-icon7.png 10:30 Charles
  • simcam-alloy-icon8.png 11:45 Person Detection
  • simcam-alloy-icon9.png 02:30 Pet Detection
  • simcam-alloy-icon10.png 04:30 Vehicle Detection

The most accurate AI detection

SimCam uses self-driving data to ensure the consistency of its person detection in various environments. While other companies are taking small steps, our AI detection already boasts 99% accuracy with further improvements on the way. We have tested the algorithm with millions of real-life scenes so you don’t need to be the beta testers.

  • images/simcam-alloy-icon11.png

    The face recognition worked relatively well in testing. It also did a great job of differentiating between people, cars, and animals…simcam1s-symbol2.png

    By John R. Delaney

  • images/simcam-alloy-icon12.png

    Its AI functions are top notch and this camera is a steal at its current retail price. All that plus superb image quality makes it easy to recommend.simcam1s-symbol2.png

    By Michael Ansaldo

  • images/simcam-alloy-icon13.png

    We especially liked automatic person tracking, AI-powered detection, and the recording capabilities day or night. simcam1s-symbol2.png

    By Adrian Willings

Everything comes without a subscription

1080P & Starlight night vision

The latest ISP sensor delivers outstanding images in low-light situations and high-contrast scenes, free of motion blur. The starlight night vision illuminates nighttime scenes like a floodlight. Easily identify a license plate or a person’s face from up to 30 feet.

  • images/simcam-alloy-img11.jpg Daytime Video in 1080P
  • images/simcam-alloy-img12.jpg Starlight Night Vision

The only camera without an audience

Unlike other “big brothers”, we don’t collect users’ data or share it with third parties. Everything is processed and stored locally on the device. Lan mode locks video access to your local area network. Your privacy remains in your own hands.

  • AES-128/256 Encryption
  • Secured P2P Live Stream
  • Free Local Storage

    Access your entire video history on a 128GB Micro SD card without paying cloud fees.

  • Nas Storage Backup

    Support external Nas storage for longer video history and video loss prevention.

  • IP65 Weather-resistant

    Housed in an aluminum water-sealed body for outdoor use.

  • 2.4G & 5G WiFi

    Smoother live stream with less interference.

  • WiFi Extender Antenna

    Extended WiFi range. No signal dead spots.

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