SimCam Baby

A safety-tracking Video Baby Monitor

SimCam Baby can alert you to your baby’s potential life-threatening behaviors. It is a godsend for a safer infanthood and a less anxious parenthood.

  • simcam-baby-icon1.pngSleep Tracking
  • simcam-baby-icon2.pngVirtual Protective Fencing
  • simcam-baby-icon3.pngCrying Soothing
  • simcam-baby-icon4.pngAutomatic Moment Capturing
  • simcam-baby-icon5.png2-Way Audio
  • simcam-baby-icon6.png1080P Night Vision

Your baby’s privacy above all else

Unlike other security companies, we never collect users’ data or shares it with other parties. Everything is processed and stored locally on the device with a bank-level encryption. You can rest easy knowing that a hacker will never get the chance to intercept your video or see your baby.

  • AES-128/256 Encryption
  • Secured P2P Live Stream

Sleep Tracking

SimCam Baby can detect a baby’s face and send you an alert when your baby falls asleep or wakes up. Make sure your baby has a good sleep without losing your sleep.

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Virtual Protective Fencing

SimCam Baby allows you to create a virtual fencing around an area on the APP and will alert you when your baby is getting out of that area. Always keep the newborn in a safe space while doing your stuff.

Crying Soothing

SimCam Baby can alert you to baby’s crying sound and automatically sooth her with a lovely lullaby and lights on. It's like a virtual nannny staying on her side 24/7.


Automatic music player Breathing LEDs


1080P Invisible Night Vision

With the SimHome APP, you can see what is happening with your baby in crystal-clear 1080P live stream from anywhere, day and night. SimCam Baby automatically records videos of all events in case you’ve missed the alerts. The invisible night vision means no harm to your baby’s eyes.


Automatic Moment Capturing

SimCam Baby is not only a life-saver, but your baby’s personal photographer as well. It automatically takes a snapshot whenever it detects your baby’s face in the middle of the frame. Capture cute moments and cheerful memories that happen when you’re not looking.


Get the Best View of Your Baby

A crib holder that comes with the baby monitor provides you with an overhead view of your baby. You can adjust the height and the pan of the holder to your desired view. The aluminum body keeps the camera in place while the C-clamp ensures the holder will not pop out of the crib.

  • Two-way Audio

    Hear and soothe your baby through the APP no matter where you are.

  • Multiple Access

    View multiple cameras within one APP and share access to multiple family members using sub-accounts.

  • Local Storage

    Save video on an internal SD card up to 128GB for an added layer of privacy protection.

No Subscription Fee Worldwide Free Shipping 30-day Money-back Guarantee

$129 including crib holder